Our Commitment to Safety


With a wide variety of working conditions our staff continually puts safety as our number one priority. PCI Services has established a culture of safe practices in all that we do. Through comprehensive and consistent training PCI has been able to establish itself as a leader in safety statistics in our industry. Our EMR of .62 over the past 10 years is remarkable based on the type of work that we perform and is a tribute to our skilled craftsmen that carry out their work safely on a daily basis.

Oversight & Safety Inspection Process

Chad Ramey, who oversees our environmental, health and safety programs, is a degreed professional who performs safety inspections, conducts in-house training, and ensures that we’re meeting all customer safety requirements. He starts on day one with each hired employee reviewing our full safety program and upkeeps all certifications and training needed to keep each one of those employees working as safely as possible. Our foreman conducts weekly job safety talks and safety inspections to keep our people abreast of the latest developments in safety rules/regulations and address safety concerns in the environment in which they are working.

Partnering with Companies with Safety Requirements

PCI works with some of the largest companies in the country with the most stringent safety requirements who have continually rated our safety programs, incident rates, and culture at high levels. The work environments that we are in stretch from a single HVAC technician working alone to large multi-craft projects spanning years. No matter the size of the job, safety is always our number one concern and focus.

A worker in a hard hat and high visibility clothing operates a scissor lift

Awards & Certifications

MCAA Safety Standard of Excellence

MCAA Certificate of Commendation

Incident rate 25% or more below industry average


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