Modular Fabrication & Process Skid Fabrication

Modular fabrication is becoming more popular and our qualified staff is here to bring the skilled labor to you regardless of your location. As skilled labor is on the decline, PCI Services, located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serving Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, is fully staffed to provide high-quality fabricated modular skid work for nearly any project worldwide.

Custom Skid & Piping Fabrication

Pride in our work, coupled with a highly trained and capable staff, yields consistent, high-quality, dimensionally accurate modular skid fabrication day after day. Our fabrication shop has long had success with modular skid and piping fabrication, however, those capabilities have greatly expanded. We’ve upped the ante in terms of providing turnkey solutions to skid-mounted modular fabrication projects. We have an engineering staff with the various skills needed to take these projects from design through on-site start-up.

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Our in house design staff consisting of engineers, draftsman, and controls specialists can provide custom design per job as necessary. The design criteria varies but often consist of following:

  • Pressure tests available to 300 PSI

  • Clear connection points for all external control devices for faster installation

  • Thermal breaks on all pipe supports and U‐bolts

  • 120V components used throughout

  • U.L. listed panels and single point electrical connection

  • Choice of main disconnect or main fuse block for enhanced AIC protection


Our highly trained staff of union welders and pipefitters begin the fabrication process by cutting, welding and assembling all steel and pipe. Once complete all electrical and controls work continues in house. All shop work goes through a series of checks to ensure dimensional accuracy, completeness, quality, and conformance to the design and specifications of the customer. The full fabrication process is all completed from start to finish under one roof. 


The fabricated product undergoes testing as specified, such as x-ray, dye-penetrant checks, hydrostatic testing for piping systems, and point-to-point checks for instrumentation and electrical work. We can customize a complete test package specific to a customer or project in agreement with the end user if required.


Once complete, we provide our own system design and piping drawings. Our experienced drafting dept. understands the unique requirements of modular construction and our design group compiles all equipment specifications to give customers a complete finished package. We can provide onsite implementation as well as controls start-up and support as necessary.


PCI Services is the ideal fabricator of modular mechanical skids. We do everything from premium ductwork inspections, cleaning, and testing to custom fabrication and installation of new air ducts. We have global expertise and capabilities with a strong focus on commercial and industrial projects.

We have some of the most experienced engineers, draftsmen, and controls technicians in the industry. As a proud member of Local Union 392 (mechanical) PCI fabricates and assembles with an all-union staff of welders and pipefitters. All electrical work is performed by union electricians, additionally, any necessary testing, insulation, and system controls are completed under our roof to provide a one-stop shop from conception to delivery.

Facilities & Equipment

Our 55,000 Square Foot Fabrication Shop and Assembly Facility includes:

  • One (1) large bridge crane, 40’W x 48’L with 26’ under the hook

  • Multiple 5-ton cranes for material handling and small fabrication

  • Large fabrication area for base and pipe fabrication

  • Large assembly area for oversized projects

  • 25 welding machines and 15 positions that are best in the industry

& Benefits

  • Accurate 3D modeling for integration into the overall system design. PCI also supports REVIT model generation upon request

  • Major piping and base fabrication performed in a large fabrication shop with experienced pipefitters. Weld certificates and material tracing reports (MTRs) available on request 

  • Pre-designed major pipe supports as part of the base fabrication for additional strength

  • Optional full 3/16” deck plate for base tops to offer additional vibration dampening and safe working surface

  • Center of gravity calculations with proper lifting lug design

  • Electrical system protected to 65,000 AIC

  • Proper conduit locations designed to avoid trip or service hazards. All wiring in EMT for additional protection, with flexible conduit only at motor connection. Rigid conduit available as specified

& Licenses

Our welders are certified through ASME Section IX, the most stringent requirements in the industry, and are approved by the State of Ohio. While undergoing vigorous ASME welding procedure inspections we maintain the following ASME code welding stamps:

  • "U" stamp to manufacture and assemble unfired pressure vessels

  • "R" stamp to perform alterations and repairs to power boilers and pressure vessels

  • "PP" stamp to fabricate and assemble pressure piping

PCI Services. is certified to build, repair, and alter pressure vessels and repair and alter boilers per ASME Section VIII, and NBIC pressure vessel codes.  We are also certified to fabricate and install pressure piping per ASME B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes.

We have weld procedures for the following materials:

  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Chrome Moly P-11/P-22/P-91

  • Nickel 200/201

  • Monel 400 & R-405

  • Hastelloy (all alloys)

  • Nicofer 6025HT

  • CyTemp CY-40

  • VDM 59

  • SM2060Mo

  • AllCorr

  • CRHC2000

  • CRM21

  • SM2050

  • SM2550

  • Inconel (all alloys)

  • Carpenter 20

  • 20Mo6

  • HR120

  • SM2035

  • Haynes Alloy 20

  • AL6X

  • AL6XN

  • JS700

  • Incoloy (all alloys)

  • VDM 1925

  • 25-6Mo

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If you’re in need of commercial mechanical services or construction contact us today and experience what makes PCI the top contractor in our field. We pride ourselves on doing work the right way the first time. We hold true to our values and will work hard to see that your project or services are executed to the best of industry standards. 

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