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Here at PCI Services, we are experts at safely completing any piping fabrication and installation. We build to customer specifications and get all equipment and pipe installed in a safe, timely manner. We are located in Cincinnati and serve the nearby areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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PCI Services is the ideal mechanical contractor specializing in commercial/industrial piping installation, system fabrication, HVAC & plumbing installation, and service work. We have global expertise and capabilities with a strong focus on commercial and industrial projects. With a long history dating back more than 120 years we continue to thrive in an ever-changing industry. How have we continued to do so? We have the best people in the industry.

Experienced in Pipe Fitting & Fabrication

We have experienced craftsmen, project managers, designers, and field supervisors knowledgeable in the specific needs of the piping industry. We work hundreds of thousands of man-hours each year, enabling us to maintain such a highly-skilled workforce familiar with both our procedures and our commitment to quality. Each apprentice receives a minimum of 5 years of schooling in the finest facilities available in the piping industry. They are truly the best craftsmen available for your labor dollar. Our experienced field supervisors, project managers, and designers eliminate surprises and assure quality work through preplanning and layout that ensures we function in the most efficient manner possible. As a company we always strive to provide our field personnel with all of the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done in an effective safe manner.

Our Work...


Pride in our work coupled with a highly trained and capable workforce yields consistent, high-quality, dimensionally-exact fabrication day after day. PCI's fabrication shop routinely fabricates piping spools, pipe skids, and support steel for our field construction as well as stand alone fabrication projects all over the nation. Our 35,000 square foot shop is large enough to produce large volumes of fabrication quickly if the customer's schedule demands it.


PCI Services enjoys great success in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, power, food, distillery, automotive and petrochemical industries. Our project lists include a large range of piping projects for most of the major industrial customers in the Greater Cincinnati area. Irrespective of your project's requirements in terms of time frame, safety concerns, size, material types, or demands for quality, you can be sure PCI Services is up to the challenge.


The main focus of our piping installation work is in the Cincinnati area. We have a strong history of completing quality jobs and continue to perform work in Southern Ohio, Southeast Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. However, we can and have provided seasoned supervision and have performed piping installation outside of the Cincinnati Tri-State. Additionally we have shipped fabrication all over the country and even other parts of the world.


With 35,000 square feet of shop space and 2 acres of laydown yard, our fab shop is large enough to handle a wide variety of jobs. Being positioned just seconds off of I-75 allows for easy access for shipments.

Process Construction has always and continues to be devoted to investing in the right equipment and tools to produce high-quality work while remaining competitive and efficient. With 25 welding machines and 15 positioners, we are set up to take on a wide variety of welding jobs. We use tools such as our auto pipe line cutting machine, orbital welding machine, orbital band cutters, and other end prep tools to greatly reduce our cutting and prep times and reduce your cost.

Our field foreman are all outfitted in fully tooled trucks that can handle most any on-site piping work on the fly. Additionally we store large quantities of field tools that can be sent directly on site at any time. 

& Licenses

Our welders are certified through ASME Section IX, the most stringent requirements in the industry, and are approved by the State of Ohio. While undergoing vigorous ASME welding procedure inspections we maintain the following ASME code welding stamps:

  • "U" stamp to manufacture and assemble unfired pressure vessels

  • "R" stamp to perform alterations and repairs to power boilers and pressure vessels

  • "PP" stamp to fabricate and assemble pressure piping

PCI Services. is certified to build, repair, and alter pressure vessels and repair and alter boilers per ASME Section VIII, and NBIC pressure vessel codes.  We are also certified to fabricate and install pressure piping per ASME B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes.

We have weld procedures for the following materials:

  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Chrome Moly P-11/P-22/P-91

  • Nickel 200/201

  • Monel 400 & R-405

  • Hastelloy (all alloys)

  • Nicofer 6025HT

  • CyTemp CY-40

  • VDM 59

  • SM2060Mo

  • AllCorr

  • CRHC2000

  • CRM21

  • SM2050

  • SM2550

  • Inconel (all alloys)

  • Carpenter 20

  • 20Mo6

  • HR120

  • SM2035

  • Haynes Alloy 20

  • AL6X

  • AL6XN

  • JS700

  • Incoloy (all alloys)

  • VDM 1925

  • 25-6Mo

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If you’re in need of commercial mechanical services or construction contact us today and experience what makes PCI the top contractor in our field. We pride ourselves on doing work the right way the first time. We hold true to our values and will work hard to see that your project or services are executed to the best of industry standards. 

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