Commercial Boiler Service in Cincinnati

Commercial boilers are the unsung heroes of many businesses, quietly providing heat and hot water needed for daily operations. But like all heroes, they require maintenance, repair, and sometimes replacement to keep them operating at their best. That's where PCI Services comes in. Our certified technicians can help you with commercial boiler services to ensure you have reliable heating and hot water in your business. 

Contact PCI Services for a commercial boiler installation, replacement, or repair in Cincinnati or the nearby areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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PCI Services is the top company for boiler installations in Cincinnati. Our expert team knows the ins and outs of commercial and industrial boilers like the back of their hands. We'll come to your business and assess your heating needs. Once our technicians have found the perfect system for your budget and heating load, we will install and integrate your system to ensure it serves you for years. 


Is your boiler showing signs of wear and tear? PCI Services employs some of the best technicians in the country, all of whom have undergone a minimum of 5 years of extensive training. We will help you choose the most energy-efficient boiler for your business that will continue reducing operating costs and future breakdowns. After that, we will execute the installation with precision and professionalism. 

Boiler Repair

Have you ever wondered, "Which is the best company for boiler repair near me?" PCI Services is ready to help with all your commercial boiler repair needs. Even well-maintained boilers can encounter issues from time to time. Some common problems that need boiler repair include:

  • Low Pressure: Low pressure can directly impact your HVAC system's performance. It can be a result of a faulty pressure gauge or leaking pipes. Once the pressure drops below the ideal level, your boiler can struggle to heat your business or may even shut down altogether.

  • Leaking pipes: This is common in older or unmaintained boilers. Usually, due to wear and tear, leaks can lead to reduced pressure, affecting your heating system's efficiency. Call our team as soon as you notice water puddles around your boiler.

  • Ignition issues: A boiler can encounter ignition problems because of a broken ignition system or a malfunctioning thermostat. Ignition problems can lead to your boiler not functioning, leaving you without heat or hot water during winter.

  • Kettling: This refers to a situation where your boiler makes banging or rumbling sounds due to a limescale buildup around the heat exchanger. Kettling leads to increased temperature and pressure, reducing your boiler's efficiency.

PCI Services takes pride in delivering exceptional commercial boiler repair services. Our team of expert technicians is trained to handle any boiler repair with the utmost speed and efficiency. Equipped with top-notch tools and technology, our team will thoroughly inspect your system and provide a diagnosis and possible solutions to get your boiler back to tip-top shape.

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Importance of Preventative Maintenance

While repairs are inevitable, regular maintenance can prevent boiler issues. Preventative maintenance is the key to your boiler operating efficiently and reliably for as long as possible. If you want to keep your boiler system in top operating shape, then a tailored maintenance program from PCI Services is the way to go!

With boiler maintenance near me, you get:

  • Fewer mechanical complications and breakdowns with your commercial boiler

  • Improved efficiency, which should help to reduce monthly heating costs

  • An extended lifespan of your boiler

  • Protection of your boiler's warranty

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Work with PCI Services

Cincinnati has extremely cold winters, so having boiler repair is essential. PCI Services provides comprehensive commercial boiler maintenance services for Cincinnati businesses to ensure everything functions optimally. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for commercial boiler services.  

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